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Open Gear Lubricants & Greases

More than 50 years ago CEPLATTYN was launched as first sprayable adhesive lubricant free of asphaltics and solvents. Since then, it has been continuously advanced. Today the brand is known throughout the world where it is used in different industrial applications, such as open gears of tube mills, rotary kilns, dryers, ore mills or calcinators, on slewing bearings, racks or slide rails as well as in wire rope lubrication.
Three lubrication steps to ensure a long service life for the Open Gear
PRIMING: Priming lubricants prevent damage during initial operation and are manually
applied to the clean teeth of a new or repaired gear. After the first rotations using an
auxiliary drive the gear will display the actual contact pattern. Any corrections needed
will be shown and can be implemented.
RUNNING-IN: Running-in is effected by our RN range of CEPLATTYN. Working tooth
flanks are smoothed in this process, which is considered successful as soon as a load-
carrying proportion of at least 80% has been achieved.
OPERATIONAL LUBRICATION: Operational lubrication starts at the end of the running-in
process. It is not only subject to the condition and use of the drive but also to
environmental influences.

Open Gear Lubrication image - multi phase lubrication system
MULTI-PHASE-LUBRICATION SYSTEM (M-P-L) is a sophisticated system for optimum
lubrication and a long lifetime. Once the drive is precisely aligned, the selection
of the correct lubricant is the next step in achieving a long service life.

The most reliable method
LUBRITECH MULTI-PHASE-LUBRICATION (M-P-L) is the most reliable method of averting
serious mistakes. The use of M-P-L is essential with new gears, but it is also helpful after
a repair of damaged gear tooth flanks or at any time when the pinion or girth gear is
LUBRITECH M-P-L consists primarily of three components: priming, running-in and
operating lubricants. These special M-P-L lubricants are the result of many years of
research, and have proved themselves in practical applications all over the world.

The best possible protection against wear
The best possible protection against wear Optimum load transmission implies that
the stress is evenly distributed across the full width and height of the teeth. However,
for Open Gear drives in particular, even state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques
and the most precise alignment possible hardly permit this optimum state to be
achieved. The consequences of inadequate load distribution are excessive heating,
scuffing’s, pitting and, in the worst case, even tooth breakage. The operator can,
however, have a significant influence on such damage type, and thus on the lifetime
of the drive, by selecting the right lubricant.