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NEX-VALVE is developed in South Africa and assembled here in Ghana by RIEPCO to compliment Ghana Government’s effort to encourage local manufacturing.

• Slim Semi lugged design
• Castings in SG 42 Iron offering a superior quality.
• Bi-directional flow
• Low head loss when fully open
• PTFE barrier scrapers incorporated
• Easily re-placeable packing for the stuffing box
• Abutment stoppers molded in to casting offers
greater support for blades
• ISO pad to accommodate a variety of operators
• Rugged A-frame & pillar post makes for a robust
• A frame equipped with holes for proximity switches
And locking mechanisms
• Variety of coatings & linings for every type of
abrasive slurry
• Flush out system incorporated into castings
eliminates build up & slurry
• Array of duplex stainless steel blades as per
client specification or requirement
• Pressure range PN10 to PN16
• Full range of sizes to cater for any requirements 

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