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Industrial & Automotive Lubricants & Greases

Industrial Lubricants:
Whether generating and transmitting energy, reducing or transmitting driving forces,
generating cooling or compressed air, or for machine tool applications and in many
other areas of production, industrial lubricants have a key task to perform. Many
processes only run smoothly with specially made lubricant solutions. Safety, machinery, processes and systems in particular must be taken into consideration here.
FUCHS industrial lubricants can make a significant contribution to improving productivity and efficiency as well as reducing energy consumption, for example in hydraulic systems gear units and many other applications. Furthermore, rapidly biodegradable lubricants from FUCHS present a real alternative to hydrocarbon-based lubricants.

Lubricating Greases:
Lubricating greases are consistent lubricants made up of base oil and a specially chosen thickener. To increase certain properties, additives are added to lubricating greases. Lubricating greases are structural elements, especially when used as long-life lubricants for lifetime lubrication. The balanced and complete product range
of FUCHS lubricating greases offers you the ideal technical and economical solutions for the greatest possible number of lubricating grease applications.

Metal Processing Lubricants:
Today, a modern cooling lubricant or metal forming lubricant is subjected to a variety of demands. Cooling lubricants for metalworking must be effective, economical, and free from ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. In the process chains that follow metalworking, customized cleaning
agent solutions and process-compatible and reliable corrosion preventatives play a
decisive role when it comes to production reliability and product quality.
FUCHS not only boasts an excellent range of highly effective lubricants, but also
Possesses the process expertise needed to ideally meet the specific requirements
in the field of metalworking.

Special application Lubricants:
Within the FUCHS Group, FUCHS LUBRITECH is the expert for Special Application Lubricants. Since more than 60 years, FUCHS LUBRITECH concentrates on the development, production and distribution of trendsetting high-performance lubricants and release agents for the most demanding applications. The core range encompasses more than 1,000 specialty products that are individually matched time and again to the application. FUCHS LUBRITECH is continuously extending their product range on the basis of their experience and industry knowledge. FUCHS LUBRITECH special lubricants stand for the highest performance and sustainability, safety, and reliability as well as efficiency and cost savings. They represent a promise: technology that pays back.

Automotive Lubricants:
FUCHS is one of the leading lubricant manufacturers for the initial filling of passenger cars, trucks and agricultural or construction machines. With a comprehensive range of lubricants for all automotive applications and the XTL® technology that is unique worldwide, FUCHS truly sets new standards. Upon starting the engine, engine oils with XTL® technology reach the places where their protective film is urgently needed quicker and easier, even under extreme conditions – providing reliable protection throughout the entire service life of the oil. The driver therefore benefits from easier start processes and less wear together with a reduction in fuel consumption – and oil consumption is also significantly lower than in conventional oils of the same viscosity class.
Performance and reliability for your vehicle

Lubricant technology has never been as demanding as it is today. Alternative fuels, new automotive technologies, sustainable exhaust gas treatment and extended replacement intervals make cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and motorcycles more efficient.
To ensure that modern vehicles remain highly efficient, FUCHS as one of the leading original equipment suppliers to the German automotive industry has developed a comprehensive product range. The lubricant range for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles includes high quality
• Engine oils
• Gear oils
• Central hydraulic / power steering fluids
• Motorcycle lubricants
• Multifunctional oils
• Service fluids
• Biodegradable lubricants

With a comprehensive portfolio of lubricants for all automotive applications and the world's only XTL® Technology, FUCHS sets new standards.
FUCHS meets the high performance requirements of car manufacturers with a comprehensive product range that meets international specifications and original manufacturer approvals. The range includes lubricants for Mercedes-Benz, the Volkswagen Group, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Ford, PSA, the Fiat Group, GM, Renault, Jaguar and Land Rover, as well as many others.